Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stage Me Up

Hi Travelers!

And more good news for me. It is with pride and happiness I announce I was accepted into the Masoom Blogging group. Now this is really not something I had been counting with, but it is an amazing feeling to be able to blog for all the stores I've fallen in love with during my travels in this land of wonders. I can't explain the giddiness that overcomes me whenever I'm working on a picture or choosing a new outfit or exploring the world and I'm usually always trying to inspire myself with what to come up with next. So, feeling as great as I currently do (albeit, extremely exhausted haha), here we go. I hope I do you proud, Masoom <3

Today I'm wearing:

  • Outfit: [[ Masoom ]]  Freya Suit (@ Chapter Four)
  • Hair: Magika [03] Awake
  • Shoes: [Glitzz] Dorothy Shoes - Gift for Enchantment
  • Rings: [FORMANAILS] Accessoires - Rins-3- ELEGANT HAND
  • Glasses: [sYs] PIERROT sunglasses & headband (with HUD)
  • Piercings: **RE** Keal Nose Chains
Song of the Day

Special Thanks to my sponsor, the amazing Masoom!

Stay Safe on your trips, travelers!


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