Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let Me Break You

Hi Travelers!

Man, I've been on a roll huh? But with so many great items given to me by my lovely Sponsors, how can I not? Today I've fallen in love with these Handprints by Chemical Princess...

But a crumb of light
And make a butterfly.

It will stay on your eye-lashes
For a long time
And then enter your blood.

Afterwards find
A thread of rainbow
And spin it around
Until it is husked.

Thus for a long time
It will trouble you.
In the end
You will want to name it
But from your blood
A butterfly
Will crawl out
Fly away
- Blesok

Today I'm wearing:

  • Hair: Alice Project Halloween Massacre Special 10/26
  • Handprints: {CP} Print Tattoo *Full Body* (@Suicide Dollz)
  • Arms paws: Katat0nik&Clemmm - Clawarmer (F) Bloodied RARE (Old Epiphany Gacha)
  • Panties: Chemical Princess {Net Panties}
  • Toes: [CX] Broken Talons (Bloody)
Song of the Day:

Special Thanks to my sponsor Chemical Princess!

Stay Safe on your trips, travelers!


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