Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Runaway Cyborg

HI Travelers!

Yes, don't ask me, I've been focused on the runaway theme this week ever since hearing I'd be traveling for business to Bucharest. I'm a huge lover of traveling and exploring new cultures, so this for me has been a dream come true.
This look was inspired by Façade's tattoo, the metal and wires poking through the "skin" we're too amazing not to let myself be inspired by it. Thank you for an amazing one!

Today I'm wearing:

  • Hair: [elikatira] Nataline - Essentials
  • Outfit: SPIRIT - Eli bra % Panties [BLACK] (@Uber)
  • Tattoo: .Facade. :: Malfunction % .Facade. :: Repair (@BodyFy)
  • Leg: Corvus : Unisex Cyborg Leg (@MP)
  • Tail: [CX] XenoTail ( Black ) v.1.3 (unpacked) 
  • Nails: **RE** Dark Queen Rings - SLink Elegant BOX
  • Eyepiece: -DRD- geekmania-cybernetic RARE
Song of the day

Special Thanks to my sponsor Façade!

Stay Safe on you trips, travelers!


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