Saturday, August 13, 2016

Icy Waters

Hi Travelers!

Happy lovely Saturday. Enchantment will be opening soon, and I have to say, for someone who's not the biggest fan of Wizard of Oz, this event is absolutely lovely. I'm sure I'll be feeling my pockets a LOT lighter and my inventory a lot heavier. Another Event, quite particularly interesting I want to talk about today, is the Forest. Tbh, this is something I was very unsure about but that I quickly opened up to. Basically you pay an entry ticket (1k L) and you get a very different variety of items present at the Event. I believe there are more or less 20 items this months, and this, frankly, means you get each item at around 50l each. I couldn't pass this up. For more infos here.

Today I'm wearing:

  • Dress: Petite Mort- Merlot Cabaret velvet dress (@Lovefest Event) Sponsored<3
  • Hair: pr!tty - Koko - {All Color Huds} :boxed: (@The Forest Event [Info above])
  • Poppies: *N*Deadly Poppy Headdress (@Enchantment)
  • Shoes: -[TrevaH]- Frida Heels Smoked Red
  • Skull: #1 RARE Threaded Skull {egosumaii} (@TFGC)
  • Lipstick: .kosmetik - Lipstick Matte.outlined Sponsored<3

Song of the day

Special thanks to my Sponsors, Kosmetik and Petite Mort!

Stay Safe on you trips, travelers!


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