Friday, July 1, 2016

Damn Boy

Hi Travelers!

And with another week almost at an end (happy Thursday all) I can't say how amazing this week has been. Not only have I been accepted into syndication for Sl Fashion Directory but I've also officially started blogging for Chemical Princess, Tattooed and Mynx. So as you can imagine it has been quite hectic. 

Of course this didn't keep me from enjoying some beach time with my friends and let me tell you, hoooo boy, did I see some hunks. And a girls a girl and would not pass up a chance for some eye candy. That sexy torso up there belongs to one Crash. Want to see more of him? Check him out here!

Today I'm wearing:

Song of the Day:

Special Thanks to my sponsors, Chemical Princess and Mishchino!
Special hugs to Crash for posing with me!

Stay Safe on your trips, travelers!


Special Thanks for accepting me to blog for you!

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