Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Is It

Hi Travelers!

Had to take a picture on the way home from a long and hard Game Night, filled with Werewolf and Cards Against Humanity. Let me tell you, I haven't actually had fun like that in a while and my throat still hurts from so much laughing. All in all, worth it.

Today I'm wearing:

Hair: Exile:: Wherever I Go Naturals (@Hair Fair 2016)
Glasses: [Z O O M] Feyrn Glasses (@ Tres Chic)
Shirt and Shorts: TATTOED - LOOK SVTH (Sponsored!)
Tattoos: .Facade. :: Wayward (@ Lost&Found)
Lipstick: Chemical Princess {Milis Lipstick } (@Suicide Dollz)

Song of the Day:
Caravan Palace - Midnight

Special Thank to my Sponsors, Tattooed and Fa├žade!

Stay Safe on you trips, travelers!


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