Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Visit

Hi Travelers!

Lately I've returned to one of my roots, the amazing poems by Sylvia Plath and her amazingbook "The Bell Jar". This was such a huge part of my life and it influenced me immensely and I love it. I am crazy about her poems as they just touch you so intimately and her wordsare sometimes so familiar it is a bit scary. So it was amazing to have an outfit by Wicca'sWardrobe that so close matched the poem I had read yesterday. So for that, thank you!

[...] Hand folding hand, and nothing in between.
A bodiless soul could pass another soul
In this clear air and never notice it —-
One soul pass through the other, frail as smoke
And utterly ignorant of the way it took. [...]
-Widow Poem, by Sylvia Plath

This outfit is also for Charity, with 100% donation to the charity of Doctors withoutBoarders, which is an amazing motivation, so if you want to help, the event "Spoonful of Sugar Charity" opens tomorrow, 09.09, here

Today I'm Wearing:
Song of the Day:

pecial Thank to kosmetik for the amazing makeup and nails and to the lovely and amazing Wicca's Wardrobe for the gorgeous outfit <3

Stay Safe on your trips, travelers!


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