Thursday, November 24, 2016

Flowers For Breakfast

Hi Travelers!

Imagine the peace you get when you’re alone.
Not just being alone but in a quiet and peaceful environ.
I’ve felt the need to be alone, to look at the stars of the sky, the beautiful white clouds, feel the soothing effect of the free air. Appreciate nature.
Being alone is not being lonely, but it is isolation with a purpose. Some people just need to be in company of themselves, for better understanding of themselves. Positive Inspiration is mostly felt when one is in solitude.
-Solace in Solitude

Today I'm wearing:

  • Outfits: *Sweet Kajira* Asenath (@FGC)
  • Elephants & Horn: [Black Bantam] Albino Uniphant Set <3 (@The Forest)
  • Feather Tears: ..::PD::.. Sadness feathers tattoo
  • Nails: .kosmetik - Satin Nails.foil stripe [add]
  • Hair: [e] Piper - Essentials

Song of the Day

Special Thanks to my lovely Sponsores!

Stay Safe on your trips, travelers!


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