Monday, March 21, 2016

Magic Inside Me

Hi Travelers!

I want to try and keep this short today and quite direct, without being overtly rude, however I would like to share one of my biggest pet peeves on SL in regards to the ladies that go by the term "BBW":
Ladies... just because we're BBW does NOT mean that we can slack in our appearance, does NOT mean we cannot keep up with the latest trends and it most definitely not mean we can look nothing but our best. Especially for BBW's I cannot stress this enough, as being a BBW is hard as is, struggles which I may explain in future posts, and fighting for our right to be seen as "acceptable" is not an easy feat either.

Let me be quite blunt: Prims are dead, flexi is the past and sculpties are only for those occasions when we just "can't" avoid them. A mesh body isn't strictly necessary, although preferred, however things such as hairs or shoes for example should be at least of a small percentage of quality. More than enough free and cheap items to be found in our lovely world that are of better quality than the ones I often see around.

Let me try and illuminate on what exactly frustrated me in the picture to the right:
Ladies, NO!
This may be an alt to showcase my point, however as you can see, not only is there not a single mesh item, but most of them items are of horrible quality to begin with, and sadly this is the type of BBWs I'm currently stumbling upon more often than should be.

Why I stress that us BBW's should look our best constantly? Because sadly, BBW, and being "fat" overall, is still very frowned upon and not accepted in society. This includes SL and many of us have come across some rude remarks at least once, and if not rude then the constant questioning of our choices does not fare better.
If someone looks upon a BBW looking like our example to the right, they will put down the crime that has been inflicted upon their eyes as the subject being "fat". However, should the subject, that means you ladies, look good enough to kick ass and take names, then what exactly can they say?
We have a duty to represent our "community" in a way that makes us proud.

So go make us proud ladies.

Today I'm wearing:

Song of the Day:
Undertale OST - Dogsong Extended 

Don't we all just want to feel ourselves?

Stay safe on your trip, travelers!


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