Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bursting for You

Hi Travelers!

Today I would like to discuss Mesh heads and why I chose to go with a mesh head instead of retaining my carefully constructed face from my SL'ing.

First it is important to mention that for me, getting a mesh head, was of absolute need. Sadly most mesh bodies do not really recognize the fat increase around the neck, creating a weird and cut off edge and looking, quite frankly, unappealing (this seems to not be as big of a case with uLukie, however the fit is still quite tricky between body and head).
I spent many months hiding the edge with a well placed collar, but got quite annoyed once it clashed with the choice outfit of the day. A little push from my better half had me looking into mesh heads with a wider frame of mind.
Not only this, but once I saw Catwa's head and the lovely detail imparted into the expressions, I was sold. No longer was there weird edges to the nose, the mouth actually had cute teeth with a natural gap and the eyes blinked, moving the lashes with them. This was a huge turning point and I was soon the proud owner of "Jessica", from Catwas choice.

Yes... I had lost identity. For me this was a very big blow into the now almost 6 years spent in SL, as I had maintained the same "Close to RL" face, constructed and perfected throughout years and many adventures, and with one go this was lost.
And although I did hold a funeral for the now changed appearance, sometimes a little change is not in itself a bad thing. I had lost the quite unique look I had aimed for, but now I could look at myself and not notice all the flaws and edges created by SLs system bodies.
Not only this, but in the end it was not a complete loss of identity, especially once I understood the infinite possibilities of mix and matching for a look I was agreeable with. Skin, makeup, hair, etc, all this makes a very big difference in the ultimate look achieved and I gained the individuality I thought I had lost within days. I have not looked back ever since.

A very good article on mesh head can be found here, which is a very interesting read and actually helped me give the last push into my decision.

Today I'm wearing:
  • Hair: MINA - Dionne - Essentials
  • Dress: -Pixicat- Delicate.Dress (Pink) (@ Collabor88)
  • Shoes: Violent Seduction - Sakura Heels ( @ Kawaii Project)
  • Sakura in eye: . Quirky . - Sakura Socket Growth - FULL ( @ Kawaii Project)
  • Mouth Sakura: *N*SAKURA MOUTH #4 (old Gacha item)
  • Bloody Hands: Clemmm - Bloody Hands
  • Sakura headband: {Imeka} Delicate Sakura Crown {Color 3} ( @ Kawaii Project)
  • Pearl Bracelet: ..::( siratama )::.. pearl-bracelet (@CREATORS COLLECTION BOX)

Song of the Day:
Daughter - "Still"

We all end up having good days don't we?

Stay safe on your trip, travelers!


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