Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hide Me From The World My Love

Hi Travelers!

It has been fairly cold lately and dark and dreary, the rain won't stop pouring and the heating needs to be on full blast. With this in mind, I can be found, more often than not, sitting with a nice cup of tea close to the window with warm blankets strewn all around me and possibly a cat on my lap.

Of course this doesn't keep me from neither shopping, nor spending time with loved ones, RL and SL, and in between Christmas business dinners, parties and Overtime, it felt good to be able to come on SL and see what all there is to offer.

Now I'm a very big supporter of gifts and free items for us Residents, so I was so happy to know that On9 is doing a gift giveaway at their location, where each store has a star which entails a gift. Worth it? Of course! Not only is it free, but it's a lot and also, well, quality galore.

Without further ado, today I'm wearing:


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Stay Safe on your trips, travelers!


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