Monday, January 11, 2016

Pixelate My Life

Happy 2016 travelers!

Let's jump right into it, shall we?

I've been fully into a band called Studio Killers lately, so I'll be releasing a few outfits inspired by this band I love so much (mainly Cherry, who doesn't love that chubby little gal). So stay tuned for that.
This look was inspired fully by their "Eros and Apollo", which funnily enough, reminds me of one of the most deadliest men on our lovely platform. So here's to our pixelated hearts, ladies ;)

I'm wearing:
  • Hair: Magika – [01] Plenty
  • Dress: Blueberry –Rylai in Black
  • Shoes: FashionNatic - Drianna Boots
  • Pixel Accessories: ::Static:: - Pixel Pop! Accessories
  • Necklace (Edited to actually be one): ::Static:: - Pixel Halo - Rainbow Pack
  • Glowy hands: ***  Wen Feila  *** (@ Marketplace)
  • Tears: RAV3N's Tearful Eyes V3.2
  • Lipstick: {{Peachy}} Lips CATWA HEAD {{Velours}} (@ Marketplace)
  • Nosechain: PUNCH - Double Chain

Taken at:
The Grid at ~Jeanette's Joint~

And That's all for now my lovelies.

Stay safe on your trip, travellers!


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